I AM ALS’ Racial Equity Group

We host a listening session every other week for those who are Black and impacted by ALS. Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7th at 8 p.m. ET.

We as I AM ALS are here to listen and invite those who are Black to share your experience. I AM ALS is here to drive change. It’s part of our ethos to revolutionize how to cure disease, with our sights set on ALS. We believe the best way to do this is providing those directly impacted the opportunity to drive progress.

Progress in our eyes, however, has not been made to ensure we’re doing this for everyone impacted by ALS. There is a lack of inclusivity and equity within the ALS community. Black people are more likely to go undiagnosed or experience longer delays to being diagnosed with ALS and are underrepresented in the community of champions driving progress.

Our first step is hosting these listening sessions with Black people with ALS, caregivers and loved ones to meet with us and talk about their experiences with ALS. Please consider spreading the word and joining us.

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