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ALS is Relentless. So Are We

We know personally how devastating ALS can be. That’s why we’re going to put an end to it.

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We Are Closer Than Ever Before to Finding Cures for ALS. Here’s Why

Brace yourselves: For the first time in history, we now understand some of the genetic mutations that cause ALS. Yep, science is doing its thing. In addition, neuroinflammation (layman’s terms: inflammation of nervous tissue) and cell hyperexcitability (out-of-control electrical activity in the cells) are two biological events that might contribute to ALS. What does this mean? We are closer than ever before to understanding what causes ALS which puts us ever closer to knowing how to treat and cure it!

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This is Personal. We Hate ALS with All Our Being. You Too? Channel That into Action

Host a (virtual) event. Call your legislators. Rally your troops. Your efforts can make a difference.

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