In memory of Terence “Terry” Glen Wilkin

someone we've lost to ALS


Terry was a man full of love. Always lit up the darkest room with his beautiful smile.
Terence “Terry” Glen Wilkin, born February 1, 1964. Beloved Father of 3 daughters, Ashleigh, Miranda and Kelsi. Papaw to 7 beautiful grandbabies.
USMC Veteran, serving 2 terms during the Gulf War. He was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant. After serving in the USMC, he went on to serve as an LEO. He continued his life serving and protecting his country, family and friends. Terry loved to hunt, loved to play his music (guitars, drums, keyboards). He even wrote his own songs and music. He also loved riding — he enjoyed a calm cruise on his Harley.
Terry was a man full of love. Always lit up the darkest room with his beautiful smile. He could make you laugh even on your worst days. Terry had a pure heart of gold, and would do anything for his loved ones.
Terry’s three daughters were his world and his grandbabies were his LIFE!
Terry was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 55 on December 9, 2019. He fought hard for 10 short months, with his family by his side. He continued to wear his smile. So full of hope and faith for a cure for him and all fellow pALS.
For 10 months, ALS robbed him of his freedom. Each and every day, ALS took more and more, but that never broke him down. Though he had days harder than the next, his hope and faith always stayed strong!
On September 30, 2020, he made his journey to Heaven with his loved ones right by his side.
Terry was never the kind of man to give up, and he never did. He held on and fought until his last breath.
Though he is missed dearly, he is finally free from this horrific monster and he’s pain free, living the best life, a life so magical. Though he is no longer here on earth, he actually WON! He beat ALS, he broke free from the hold that ALS tried so hard to have on him.
Before he passed away, his daughters promised to continue their fight for him and in honor of him, their fight to get awareness out there in the world. Their fight to help fellow pALS’s voices to be heard. Their fight to find a cure, to give ALL pALS now and in the future a chance to KEEP LIVING!
And that’s a promise that they intend to keep!
May you rest easy Terry. Your memory lives on forever within your daughters. And the fight continues on.
Don’t give up hope! One day your voices will be heard!!

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