In memory of Taya Jones

someone we've lost to ALS


**Taya passed away on August 8, 2022. Below is her story in her own words.**

We have always been a baseball family. My baseball memories begin with my childhood t-ball games, my Dad’s men’s league, and my Mom being a fan of the Jays. We always watched the Blue Jays games on TV.

I had the good fortune of being at the (then) Skydome when Joe Carter hit a home run, winning us the World Series title in 1993. I was sitting on the 3rd base line but far enough in the outfield that we couldn’t see if it was fair or foul. When the stadium erupted in cheers, we knew we won the game. I’ll never forget Joe Carter dancing around the bases.

My career as a Recreation Therapist gave me the opportunity to take the patients I worked with to the Jays games. My colleague and I have many fun and memorable stories about taking the patients to the games. Sadly my friend Brian was also diagnosed with ALS (at the same time as me) and has since passed away. He was a huge Jays fan.

This year I will be celebrating Lou Gehrig day at the Rogers Centre on June 2nd in memory of Brian.

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