In memory of Lorraine

someone we've lost to ALS

New Jersey

ALS is relentless and the most cruel disease that I have ever witnessed.

My wife Lorraine was a beautiful woman. She was fun and smart. She loved our dogs, Wynonna, our home and life. She was a medical biller for a hospital in Delaware. She loved Christmas and the snow. She was caring and kind and healthy. She never had kids of her own but was a great stepmom to my 2 boys.

She suddenly started falling and felt muscle weakness. Many EMGs later all pointed to a diagnosis of ALS. We got an appointment with a neurologist in Philly at the ALS clinic and to our horror she agreed. The year was 2014. Lorraine was 58.

She had a slow progression of the disease at first. So things changed slowly. She stopped working. The ALS Chapter of Greater Philly was amazing. They guided us and told us exactly what to prepare for. What medical equipment we should start getting and so on. She began losing the ability to use her hands and arms. ALS is relentless and the most cruel disease that I have ever witnessed.

Lorraine was a very spiritual person and relied on her great faith in the Lord to help her remain calm. She lived for 3 years while suffering from this dreaded illness. She became a complete quadrapelegic. At this point I was given an aide twice a week to help. Then she was placed on hospice a couple of weeks before she died and we had more help then. She was given meds to keep her out of pain and to help with her breathing. She never once said “why me?” She was so brave and accepting of her situation. I lost the love of my life on 10/28/17 about 7 am. Heaven gained an Angel 😇

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