I am Liliya Joy

a family member of someone living with ALS

She is bedridden now, no movements at all.

My mom (60 years) is living with ALS, she was diagnosed with the same on 10th of December 2017. Me and my sister are taking care of her since the period. We tried allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeo, acupuncture, Yunani, sidha, all sort of medicines plus Physiotherapy, but couldn’t find any better results with any of that.

In India, doctors don’t even know what to do with this condition, don’t even know much about it, simply says as it’s just idiopathic! We don’t have have any family history.

It just started as joint pain and drastically worsened to ALS! She is bedridden now, no movements at all. She just cries and smiles at us!! Hypersalivation is the major problem as of now. Can’t eat, drink as a human. No movements at all!

Medication: Liofen 10 mg along with ranitidine. ( 1-0-1)

I know it’s a common disease in America, not in Asia-India.
I am ready to do anything to make her alive, get her back to normal life. Please somebody suggest me is there any sort of medications can make her speak, make any movements, help her with her hypersalivation. Please.

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