I am Laura Triplett

living with ALS


I am not afraid to hope anymore.

Hola and Aloha,

My name is Laura Velasquez-Triplett, I am a native Texan who was married in Hawai’i and fell in love with the Aloha Spirit. Before ALS I was in mortgage lending for eighteen years, when the market crashed, I decided to reinvent myself, by adding a programming degree to my theatre degree. I also enrolled in yoga teacher training.

The plan was to retire in Hawai’i. I began teaching yoga and, drew upon m theater background to create themed classes Jedi Yoga and GoT Yoga for Dragonriders. I also became Vice President of the board of directors of the yoga school I graduated from. I enjoyed creating a tropical paradise at home by growing plumeria an exotic hibiscus. I loved photographing them and sharing them.

Getting diagnosed with ALS was devastating, I fell into a deep depression, all I could think of was all the things I would never get the chance to do, I began saying goodbye to loved ones. Then my cousin, Danny, texted that he wasn’t hearing of it, he reminded me that we are warriors, and told me how close they are to finding a cure. He lit a fire under my neurologist to get me seen and on meds. He has been diligent researching clinical trials and trying to get me into one.

We discovered what a world of “No” ALS can be and were crushed. I then found I am ALS, they were hard at work trying to get ACT for ALS passed, they gave hope and helped me become a better advocate. Shortly after ACT for ALS passed came Synapticure, I signed up as soon as I saw the video. I know what a world of “Yes” looks like.

I share my journey on social media to raise awareness, I’ve raised money for various ALS organizations and myself, I am not afraid to hope anymore. I am beyond grateful to I am ALS, Synapiticure, and especially to Brian and Sandra for recognizing the need for change, and making it happen. I am immensely grateful to my excellent loved ones for their support, dominations and advocacy. I could not do this without them. In the words of Emiliano Zapata, “Es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas.” I intend to fight this wretched disease with every ounce of my being for myself and others.

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