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a family member of someone we've lost to ALS,
someone who cared for a person we've lost to ALS


All he wanted to be when he grew up was a scout for the Texas Rangers.

Tristen (T-Bone) (The Cats Pajamas) loved baseball, loved God, his family and the Texas Rangers. He loved stats and building ball fields. All he wanted to be when he grew up was a scout for the Texas Rangers.

At 15 he started having weakness in the left leg and began to get a little slower. After about a year of testing, he was diagnosed with junior ALS Lou Gehrig Disease at 15. Tristen made a decision on that day that this was not going to define him and would not let ALS win. We picked up and continued to focus on being that scout. We traveled to Arizona to watch our Rangers at spring training in a wheel chair but determined.

At spring training John Daniels and the Rangers took the best care of us and and introduced us to several scouts. Tristen would continue to scout high school ballers and recommend who the Rangers should go after. He would never miss a draft and would call out who he would pick followed by who he thought the rangers might go after. The kid was 100% on the picks. It blew us away.

2 years in the battle Tristen built a wiffel ball field with his eyes on the computer using eye gaze technology. It’s all he had or could use at this time. It was Dad’s job to build this field with the muscle where he couldn’t. Otherwise he would be out there sun up to sun down building this field. We built it in our back yard and now are planning on an annual fund raising tournament in his name for ALS. In the process of planning and gather resources on how to do this now.

It is now my passion to carry his fight on to help others in need with the Cats Pajamas Foundation. Tristen lived and battled ALS for about 5 years and passed July 16, 2021 at the age of 20.

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