I am Jake Shlofrock

a family member of someone living with ALS


Brian makes me want to be a better person. A better husband. A better man.

When it comes to Brian there really aren’t enough words within my rather expansive vocabulary to describe him. He’s truly that special to me and everyone else he’s ever been in contact with. Frankly, there isn’t anyone who possesses the unique ability to inspire quite like Brian Andre does.

From countless hours working with me on every sport I have ever played, to committing a full weekend of his time to helping me get my Haftorah and Torah portions down and understood, he’s been inspiring me to be a harder worker, better person, a kinder and more empathetic human being.

Fast forward to here and now and his commitment and drive to fighting back against ALS. Every now and then people say to me, “wow I can’t believe how good your uncle is still doing!’…and I laugh because I can believe it. If there was one individual on the entire planet to show you how to handle any situation with dignity and class, it’s Brian. It’s just who he is and what he’s always been about. He makes me want to be a better person. A better husband. A better man. Now if that’s not inspiration, well shit I don’t know what is.

Happy father’s day to the guy who took me in when I was down and out, showed up to my basketball games into my late 20s, and treated me like his 4th son. With the gift of him being my uncle, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

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