I am Glynis Murray

someone who cared for a person we've lost to ALS


My motto: Widow due to ALS. Warrior because of ALS. 3 words for ALS: WE WILL WIN!

My husband, Vince Murray, was having breathing issues. He thought it was his asthma acting up, so he went to his asthma doctor. Nope. Maybe lose a few pounds. So we both did. Nope. Go see the pulmonary specialist. Nope. Go have a ton of tests, heavy metals or toxins. Nope. Go see an ENT since your voice is now changing. Nope, not cancer! Thank God! Go see a neurologist. Wait, something’s wrong with his brain? And that’s why he’s short of breath and can’t hold himself up for long as he walks? No! Figure it out! The did an EMG, which is a brutal test that listens to your muscles. We were both so tired from “the run around.” We were now 2 days before our wedding, and we were referred to a new neurologist. He seemed to really love the Yankees, because he had a lot of pictures of one in particular. Well, when the new doctor came into the room and said “I’m sure you are tired of all the tests and appointments and just want to know what’s going on. Well, I’m sorry to say, you have ALS.” The room went dark, and the next thing I knew, someone was helping me up off the floor. How could this be? I thought ALS wasn’t hereditary! His mom had it, but this can’t be! We are getting married in 2 days! No! But, yes. In the room where Lou Gehrig’s photos are displayed is where our lives took a turn. After our few days of a pity party, we started to make plans. Plans to pack a lifetime of memories into whatever time we have left together. And we LIVED! We traveled the country with our new puppy in our truck, visiting as many National Parks as we could. We cruised to Alaska. We baked cakes every week together. We tried new restaurants. We laughed everyday. We cried a few. But in those wonderful 13 months, we thrived as newlyweds. And now that he’s gone, I refuse to lose him in vain. I advocate for ALS as much as possible. And I am honored to be part of the I am ALS Thank You Squad, writing hand written notes to everyone that donates. I am thankful.
My motto: Widow due to ALS. Warrior because of ALS. 3 words for ALS: WE WILL WIN!

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