In memory of David Brattain

someone we've lost to ALS


ALS always chooses the good ones. It takes them way too soon.

David Brattain was a veteran, an adventurer, a family man, and an ALS hero. During his life he made a living playing Blackjack in Las Vegas, worked on a Shrimp boat in Florida, hiked the wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier for 10 days during 9/11, as well as any other adventure that would come his way. He worked for 30 years at GM Truck and Bus as well as building an incredibly successful pet business that we ran for 25 years together.

He served in the Army during Vietnam, and although he was never “in country” I think the experience changed his life. He was always willing to help anyone in need. He volunteered as a chaplain at our local truck stop to minister to people who lived “on the road” so that they would know the love of Jesus in their life, and they would have someone to tell their story to. He also volunteered at the VA hospital where he eventually ended up being a patient. He loved our family and took our children on many adventures too. He romanced me until the day he died, he even left cards and notes for me to discover after he was gone. He was my greatest encourager and motivator. I can still hear his voice telling me how great I would be at whatever I was attempting to do. ALS always chooses the good ones. It takes them way too soon. But, it leaves us as a legacy to continue this fight. I’m honored to uphold the legacy of David Brattain and fight as hard and as passionately as I know he would.

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