In memory of Darin Thompson

someone we've lost to ALS

North Carolina

I’ll look for you in the trees, I’ll feel you in the gentle breeze.

Until we meet again.
I’ll look for you in the trees, I’ll feel you in the gentle breeze.
I’ll pay better attention to the butterflies.
I’ll do my best not to cry.
I’ll watch the birds with a closer eye, their pretty colors, the way they fly.
I’ll listen better to nature’s sounds.
I’ll walk bare foot on the grassy ground.
I’ll turn bluegrass up so I can get down.
I’ll appreciate the pretty flowers all around
I’ll savor my coffee & my cakes.
I’ll share my cookies & bake, bake, bake!
I’ll find joy in the tiny things because I’ve seen the grin a peanut butter cup brings!
I’ll be grateful, especially, for the simple things.
I’ll share my smile with everyone I meet.
I’ll be kind, loving and so very sweet.
I’ll greet each day with a positive mind.
I’ll remember happiness is mine to find.
I’ll have courage, be brave, but never too proud to accept a helping hand.
I’ll listen, not just hear, & do my best to understand.
Don’t tell the Eagles, but for you, I’ll cheer for the Bills.
I’ll do what I love and what gives my heart thrills.
Friend what you have taught me, I’ll never forget!
My life became richer the day we met!
Oh & about the honey bees, don’t you worry!
I’ll make sure everyone knows they are just in a hurry.
Just on a mission getting their job done, so they can share sweet honey with everyone!

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