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“We’re In This Together” Brian Wallach Speaks On “I AM ALS”

WGN Radio  -  January 24, 2019
Brian Wallach & Sandra Abrevaya join Mark and Erik to tell their touching story about their experience with ALS and how they are using their platform to benefit others with “I AM ALS.“
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Biglaw Associate with ALS is in Race Against Time

Above the Law  -  January 23, 2019
The word ‘hope’ is tossed around a lot. If hope means that sort of naive belief that things are going to be OK, that’s not what I mean by hope. Hope means that you have the power to help make your future better.
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1 in 6 ALS Patients Served in the Military. We Need a Cure.

Defense One  -  January 23, 2019
What if I told you there was a fatal disease that anyone could get, but that, for some unknown reason, you were twice as likely to develop if you had been a member of the military?
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