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I AM ALS reaches over 16,000 supporters in under a year

WGN Radio  -  May 21, 2019
Now, to bring people within and outside the ALS community together is You Shop, We Give where more than 70 Chicagoland stores are coming together to donate 1% of sales to ALS research and care.
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Infused with Hope: Brian’s Infusion Journey

National Infusion Center Association  -  May 10, 2019
In a 2018 poll commissioned by the organization, it found that more than 60 percent of Americans knew little about ALS and nine out of ten Americans cannot name a single ALS nonprofit working to cure ALS.
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Meet Our Marketing and Content Lead: Kathleen Rooney

Kathleen Rooney  -  May 10, 2019
I learned very quickly that this community embodies hope. The kind that drives real progress and engrains a whole lot of grit into the building of a movement that will make this thing successful.
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After ALS Diagnosis, This Skadden Associate Is Building a Movement

American Lawyer  -  April 29, 2019
The doctor urged Wallach to use the advocacy skills to do something about a disease that currently has no cure and is estimated to affect 16,000 Americans at any time. And that's exactly what he did.
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Legislative Affairs Committee: Empowering ALS Champions

Christa Thompson  -  May 7, 2019
I got involved in I AM ALS’ legislative affairs subcommittee because I knew that the way to rewrite the ALS story is to organize and mobilize a network of advocates, and that is exactly what we’re doing.
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Clinical Trials Committee: Building New Paths

Sandy Morris  -  May 7, 2019
This group was formed by individuals with a fierce determination to accelerate the access to treatments by ALS patients, no matter the pathway. Right to Try, Expanded Access, Clinical Trials--should work for pALS.
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Community Outreach Committee: Connecting the Dots

Steve Haberstroh  -  May 7, 2019
Our subcommittee of 15 or so patients (pALS) and caregivers (cALS) strive to bring the ALS community together to work as one force and provide valuable resources to patients and their families.
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Community Advisory Council: Leaders in the Fight

Brian, Cathy, and Sandy  -  May 7, 2019
We are patients, caregivers, advocates, and beyond. We talk every week about our hopes and our dreams and how we can augment the amazing work going on in every corner of our fight.
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Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge. How a Real Hero Seeks to Find a Cure

The Glu  -  April 24, 2019
When we saw the two realitiesーthe hopeless and the hopeーwe resolved that we had to be a part of making a cure real as soon as possible, for my husband, my family and all the families out there fighting this disease.
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