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Clinical Trials: FDA ALS Guidance Recommendations

Sandy Morris  -  September 13, 2019
We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet with the FDA leaders on September 26th to discuss the FDA ALS Guidance Document that is set to be updated this month.
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My I AM ALS Story: Find the Good Stuff by Bryan Wayne Galentine

Bryan Wayne Galentine  -  September 13, 2019
When I decided to take on the role of ALS Advocate, I made it my mission to “use my voice” and platform to point as many people living with ALS and their support teams to resources as possible.
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One Step Closer to $10 Million in New Funding for ALS Research

Brian Wallach  -  September 13, 2019
Yesterday we took another major step towards making an increase of $10 million per year in funding for ALS research REAL. Today, we want to take a step back and look at how we got here and what this means.
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My I AM ALS Story: The Fight of My Life by Juan Reyes

Juan Reyes  -  August 9, 2019
Why do I fight? I fight against ALS because I experience it every day. Since my diagnosis on Oct 14, 2015, I have been in the fight for my life. I cannot sit idly by; it is not in my nature nor my family’s.
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PRESS RELEASE: Groundbreaking Meeting with FDA

I AM ALS  -  August 7, 2019
I AM ALS becomes the first ALS patient advocacy group to bring together senior FDA leadership and a biotechnology company for an in-person meeting to discuss accelerating promising ALS treatments.
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20,000 ALS Advocates Hold the FDA Accountable

I AM ALS  -  August 6, 2019
For years, people living with ALS and ALS advocates have been asking the FDA to publish a revised ALS clinical trials guidance. Time matters in a fight where 90 percent of patients die five years after diagnosis.
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‘I AM ALS’ searches for a cure to all neurodegenerative diseases

WGN TV  -  June 19, 2019
After an ALS diagnosis, a married pair of political insiders are taking on a new mission: starting a movement to unlock the mysteries of ALS, in hopes of revealing cures for all neurodegenerative diseases.
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I AM ALS Launches Collective Fight: Cure One. Cure All.

I AM ALS  -  June 21, 2019
While some fight ALS, others Parkinson’s and others Multiple Sclerosis, the reality is our fights are all linked. Researchers believe that if we can discover a cure to one of these diseases, we can help find cures for all.
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Launch Story: It Started When He Couldn’t Grasp a Pen.

The Chicago Tribune  -  January 21, 2019
I AM ALS, an effort born out of months of researching not only what might help Wallach, but also trying to understand why such a devastating disease is less funded and less understood than others.
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