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My I AM ALS Story: The Fight of My Life by Juan Reyes

Juan Reyes  -  August 9, 2019
Why do I fight? I fight against ALS because I experience it every day. Since my diagnosis on Oct 14, 2015, I have been in the fight for my life. I cannot sit idly by; it is not in my nature nor my family’s.
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PRESS RELEASE: Groundbreaking Meeting with FDA

I AM ALS  -  August 7, 2019
I AM ALS becomes the first ALS patient advocacy group to bring together senior FDA leadership and a biotechnology company for an in-person meeting to discuss accelerating promising ALS treatments.
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20,000 ALS Advocates Hold the FDA Accountable

I AM ALS  -  August 6, 2019
For years, people living with ALS and ALS advocates have been asking the FDA to publish a revised ALS clinical trials guidance. Time matters in a fight where 90 percent of patients die five years after diagnosis.
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‘I AM ALS’ searches for a cure to all neurodegenerative diseases

WGN TV  -  June 19, 2019
After an ALS diagnosis, a married pair of political insiders are taking on a new mission: starting a movement to unlock the mysteries of ALS, in hopes of revealing cures for all neurodegenerative diseases.
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I AM ALS Launches Collective Fight: Cure One. Cure All.

I AM ALS  -  June 21, 2019
While some fight ALS, others Parkinson’s and others Multiple Sclerosis, the reality is our fights are all linked. Researchers believe that if we can discover a cure to one of these diseases, we can help find cures for all.
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Launch Story: It Started When He Couldn’t Grasp a Pen.

The Chicago Tribune  -  January 21, 2019
I AM ALS, an effort born out of months of researching not only what might help Wallach, but also trying to understand why such a devastating disease is less funded and less understood than others.
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I AM ALS reaches over 16,000 supporters in under a year

WGN Radio  -  May 21, 2019
Now, to bring people within and outside the ALS community together is You Shop, We Give where more than 70 Chicagoland stores are coming together to donate 1% of sales to ALS research and care.
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Infused with Hope: Brian’s Infusion Journey

National Infusion Center Association  -  May 10, 2019
In a 2018 poll commissioned by the organization, it found that more than 60 percent of Americans knew little about ALS and nine out of ten Americans cannot name a single ALS nonprofit working to cure ALS.
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Meet Our Marketing and Content Lead: Kathleen Rooney

Kathleen Rooney  -  May 10, 2019
I learned very quickly that this community embodies hope. The kind that drives real progress and engrains a whole lot of grit into the building of a movement that will make this thing successful.
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