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Preparing to Feel Prepared: 7 Things to Do When You’re Diagnosed with ALS

I AM ALS  -  August 6, 2020
Figuring out where, how and what to start with can feel overwhelming, so we’ve made a list of seven essential elements to get started in navigating ALS.
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A Skadden Associate Is Raising Millions in His Fight Against ALS

Bloomberg Law  -  July 2, 2020
The amount of federal funding for ALS research has grown by more than $50 million in the past 18 months. And Wallach is hopeful that number may reach $95 million by the end of the year.
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Coronavirus shows how fast science can move — ALS needs same urgency

Fox News  -  July 2, 2020
Trials can drag on for a decade or longer. Most ALS victims don't live that long. This overly deliberate regulatory process doesn't match the urgency of ALS. It’s not saving lives, and it’s killing hope.
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My Friend Was Struck by ALS. Here’s How He’s Fighting Back.

WIRED  -  June 23, 2020
Brian Wallach's left hand cramped and he dropped his pen. Annoying. He'd spent months preparing for this case. He'd joined the US Attorney's Office, a dream job, almost three years earlier.
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Statement from Danielle Carnival, CEO, I AM ALS

Danielle Carnival  -  June 18, 2020
This fierce determination to bring about a more promising future for people living with ALS doesn’t mean we can’t have a dialogue about the best way to enact this change. In fact, it demands that we do just that.
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$25 Million in New NIH Funding to Fight ALS Announced Today

Danielle Carnival  -  June 17, 2020
Today, we take yet another big leap forward in this community's effort to discover and provide access to viable treatment options for those living with ALS.
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How Your I AM ALS Donations Are Making a Difference

Danielle Carnival  -  June 16, 2020
We promised everyone who gave through our website that 100% of that donation would go directly back into research that could make a difference for people living with ALS and we are staying true to our word.
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House ALS Caucus Supports New Bi-Partisan Bill, “ACT for ALS”

I AM ALS  -  June 5, 2020
Accelerating Access for Critical Therapies for ALS Act, introduced in the House of Representatives, provides new hope in the fight against ALS, terminal diseases through early access to promising treatments.
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Starting the Hard Conversations Around ALS

Brian Wallach and Sandra Abrevaya  -  May 29, 2020
ALS is a disease that comes at you fast and hard. It hits you with a new, surreal reality seconds after you’re given an official diagnosis of ALS and told you likely have no more than 2-5 years to live.
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