How Your I AM ALS Donations Are Making a Difference

One of the most important roles we have as an organization is to be a good steward of the donations you provide to focus on accelerating promising research and getting treatments in the hands of patients—not in 20 years, but as soon as possible. We promised everyone who gave through our website that 100 percent of that donation would go directly back into research that could make a difference for people living with ALS and we are staying true to our word.

In June 2020, I AM ALS along with the ALS Association awarded BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics a combined $500,000 grant to support an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) biomarker research study. Here is more information. This biomarker research will help us more expeditiously understand the effectiveness of NurOwn, while possibly unlocking discoveries that provide clues for other promising treatments.

We also announced two requests for grant applications totaling $200,000 to advance clinical drug development for treatments and cures of ALS and to increase the use of expanded access programs for ALS patients. We are currently reviewing proposals.

The generosity and support of this community are truly making a difference in the fight against ALS.  Thank you for continuing to fight with us. ALS does not take a break, so neither will we.

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