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Understanding ALS

Getting Diagnosed with ALS

Genetics & ALS

Understanding ALS Symptoms

Care and Treatment for ALS

ALS Clinical Trials

Accessing ALS Experimental Therapies

Breathing with ALS

Communicating with ALS

ALS Nutrition

Mobility with ALS

Transportation and Travel with ALS

Navigating Changing Relationships

ALS Assistive Devices and Equipment

Modifying Your Home for ALS

ALS Caregiving Needs

ALS Home Care

Veterans Benefits

Medicare and Medicaid

Financial Planning and Assistance

Advocating for Your Loved One

Taking Care of Yourself

Navigating Changing Relationships

Processing Grief

Supporting Children

Necessary Legal Documents

Employment Transitions

Planning for End-of-Life

Leaning on Your Community

Emotional Support

Be the change

When you lead in this movement, change will follow. Start by taking a simple action or send these actions to your friends and family if they are looking for a way to help.

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Living with ALS - as a patient, caregiver or loved one - can feel overwhelming and isolating. From this moment on, know that you are not alone. Wherever you are and whatever you encounter you can find critical resources you need here.

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