Youth Lou Gehrig Day Team

Mission Statement

To raise ALS Awareness, promote Lou Gehrig Day, celebrate his legacy, engage and inspire millions of kids to advocate on behalf of people living with ALS, and unite the ALS community for a memorable day.

Co- Chairs

  • Brain Andre
  • Sue Hiller 


  • Help youth T-ball, little league and softball leagues throughout the country hold Lou Gehrig Day celebrations to raise awareness of ALS and celebrate Lou’s legacy.

 What we do:

  • Connect and engage with T-ball, little league, softball, and other youth teams to create Lou Gehrig Day activities and content
  • Provide visibility to people living with ALS and their loved ones
  • Partner with ALS organizations and youth leagues across the country to promote Lou Gehrig Day and celebrate Lou’s legacy
  • Unite the community for a fun day of inspiration and advocacy


  • Over 4000 kids, parents, siblings and grandparents participated in Lou Gehrig Day celebrations in 5 little leagues in Vienna, VA and Chicago, IL 
  • Hundreds of Little League participants and their loved ones heard pregame speeches on Lou Gehrig, his legacy and connection to ALS

What we are working on:

  • Expanding our reach by partnering with additional youth leagues
  • Creating tools and templates to help advocates organize Lou Gehrig Days in their communities
  • Collaborating with other ALS organizations to help expand Lou Gehrig Day to reach as many youth leagues as possible Creating promotional materials to increase awareness


Sue Hiller
Brian Andre

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