Contact Your Representative and Senators About ACT for ALS

Contact your representative and senators about the Accelerating Access for Critical Therapies Act for ALS (whew — thank goodness for shorthand: ACT for ALS)

Here’s how:

Step 1: Fill in the form and click “submit your information.”

Step 2: Edit the email we’ve drafted for you.

Step 3: Click “submit your information.”

A note will be sent to both of your senators and representative and your signature will be automatically captured.

It’s that easy.

These easy-to-send messages demonstrate constituent support for bills, putting pressure on legislators to become cosponsors of ACT for ALS once it is introduced. To learn more about the version of ACT for ALS introduced last Congress, please click here.

Now tell your network about how easy advocacy is.

Possible message:

  • I took 60 seconds out of my day to help ALS patients access the promising therapies they need. Do your good deed today. Join me by going to the link below to send your representative a message.

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