2020 Commitments

I AM ALS aims even higher in second year: 2020 commitments

Make no mistake. We’re just getting started


Here are our commitments in 2020

Navigation program

We’ll work to be a resource to patients, caregivers and loved ones impacted by this disease so that no one has to face this alone.

Legislative priorities

We’ll work to realize any opportunity that increases funding for ALS research, makes ALS trials more patient-centered, provides access to therapies after trial participation, ensures trials live up to the promise of the FDA ALS clinical trial guidance and provides a real pathway to access safe, promising ALS investigational therapies.

ALS research collaborative

We’re committing $250,000 to a research program collaboratively formed with other ALS organizations to support and speed breakthrough research and treatment by the next generation of ALS researchers.

Cures For All initiative

We’ll build partnerships across neurodegenerative and rare disease efforts to launch programs and awareness campaigns that grow our Cures for All initiative. We can learn so much from each other and accomplish so much more in collaboration. We’re in this together.

Build awareness

We’ll work to ensure that those outside of the ALS community know what ALS is and provide tools for an army of empowered advocates to make real progress on policy and legislative goals, increase funding for ALS research and engage everyone in this movement.

Everyone has a role to play in changing the world -- Join us.

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