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Empowering you as you navigate ALS

It can be hard to navigate the uncertainties of ALS and take care of yourself. Your Navigation team has your back.

How it Works

1. Connect with a Navigator: Complete the request for assistance form at any time or call us at 866-942-6257 between 9am-5pm CST Monday-Friday to be matched with a Navigator.

2. Your Navigator will learn about you: Your Navigator will ask questions and actively listen to learn about what your needs are.

3. Your Navigator will provide quick and thorough help: Your Navigator can help by sharing relevant medical and research information, supporting you emotionally, connecting you with practical resources, and helping you build a community of support.

4. We will stay with you every step of the way: Your Navigator will check in with you regularly to make sure your needs continue to be met.

5. Your information will be protected: Any information you share with us will be stored in a secure database and will not be shared with any external sources without your explicit consent.

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