I AM ALS comments regarding FDA refusal to file

For Immediate Release: November 11, 2022
Contact: Sonya Sotak Elling, [email protected]

Food and Drug Administration Refusal Letter

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a refusal to file letter regarding NurOwn.

“To say that I AM ALS is disappointed that the FDA issued a refusal to file letter regarding NurOwn would be a massive understatement,” said Brian Wallach, founder of I AM ALS.

The ALS community needs clarity on exactly why the agency issued this denial deeming the application incomplete.

Too many people are fighting for their lives against this horrific, deadly disease. We need to ensure that science, urgency, and humaneness drive the development and approval process for new treatments for people living with ALS.

We will find cures for ALS. The only question is when. That answer depends on you.

Stay informed on I AM ALS’ progress and what you can do to help us make hope real.

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