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You could be part of one of the most significant medical breakthroughs this century?

You can. Join us in curing ALS.

A 2018 I AM ALS Poll Found That Most Americans Know Little About ALS

Like Cancer, ALS Can Affect Anyone

ALS is a disease that attacks cells in the body that control movement. It makes the brain stop talking to the muscles, causing increased paralysis over time. Ultimately, ALS patients become prisoners within their own bodies, unable to eat, breathe, or move on their own. Their mind, however, often remains sharp so they are aware of what’s happening to them.

Today, ALS is always fatal and patients typically live for 3 to 5 years after diagnosis. That’s because scientists have yet to identify cures for ALS. The recent acceleration of research has ensured that this will change. It is now not a question of if, but when there will be a significant treatment breakthrough that brings cures within reach.

This is a movement to defeat ALS.

My name is Brian. I was diagnosed with ALS in November of 2017.

At the time I was 37. My ALS story, however, will not have a typical ending. How can I say that? Because of you. Together, you and me, we are going to cure ALS.

Learn more about my story.

My Story My Story

We are Building a Movement to Cure ALS

Collaboration + Resources + Engagement + Awareness = Funding

Our Story


Movements always begin with a story. Our story is hope borne from recent scientific developments. Hope transformed into a movement by the dozens of partners, old and new, who share our unceasing drive to make the impossible real.


Our Story


At I AM ALS, we are building a single platform to help connect patients and their families to the amazing existing resources while building critical new tools to ensure care and support is there for every step of the fight against ALS.


Our Story


Faster progress towards cures and better health advocacy require building a community in which everyone has power and a role in leading the fight. Each of us dreams of changing the world; together, we will.


Our Story

Raising Awareness

When we hide illness, we make it harder to fight, harder to survive, and harder to cure. Move it into the public consciousness and we can finally defeat it. So that’s what we are going to do.


Funding: Accelerating the Search for Cures by Driving Millions of Dollars Towards Research

We built our model after extensively collecting data about the ALS fight by:

Meeting with hundreds of ALS patients, caregivers, veterans advocates, doctors, nurses, biotechs, and pharma companies
Conducting a multi-month analysis of ALS messaging to begin developing a national public relations campaign
Developing an overview of the foundations and resources involved in the ALS fight that can be kept up to date
Building and learning from a Patient Advisory Committee of patients and caregivers
Creating and learning from a Scientific Advisory Committee of leading ALS clinicians and researchers

Which made clear that ALS is Curable. . .If we Fund the Fight.

Right now, all across the country there are ALS drugs in different stages of development. The advances of the last decade have engendered the belief that significant treatment breakthroughs are near.


Discovery of the most common gene associated with ALS - the C9ORF72 gene which is responsible for 40% of familial and 10% of random ALS diagnosis


Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $150 million for ALS research through a viral social media campaign


ALS researchers and drug companies begin to aggressively target ALS subgroups and to identify treatment biomarkers


FDA approved first ALS drug in 22 years that helps slow progression


Congress passed Right to Try which allows patients to try exploratory treatments and therapies


Researchers have identified more than 40 genes associated with ALS


Over 20 potential treatments in the research pipeline

It’s time to capitalize on these breakthroughs and accelerate the search for cures.

By building a patient-led, patient-centric movement.

Discover all the I AM ALS Model has to offer:


I AM ALS is building everything open-source so that our success in fighting ALS can be replicated by others.

ALS’s speed and relentlessness makes it the perfect test case to develop drugs to cure Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and beyond. So, we are building I AM ALS to ensure that our novel tools are shared and used in the fights against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Frontotemporal Dementia, and on. We intend to offer these tools to those fights for free. Because we all win when we all fight, and when we all fight we will have a cure for all.

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