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What is a Navigation Program?: A Q+A With Our Director of Navigation

February 5, 2020  -  Aditi Narayan Minkoff

Many of you have been asking… “So, what is a comprehensive navigation program?” Here are a few details to help answer that central question.

Q: What is navigation? 

A: Navigation is a type of program that offers support to patients, families, and caregivers to help overcome barriers in the health system and facilitate timely access to supportive care. 

Q: What will the program help with? 

A: Our program will empower patients and their families with relevant medical and research information, support them emotionally, connect them with practical resources, and help them build a community around them. 

Q: Who will staff the navigation program? 

A: Our program will be staffed by social workers and registered nurses who can be called or emailed if you are a patient, caregiver, loved one or surviving loved one affected by ALS. 

Q: Who will the program service? 

A: When launched it will be a national program servicing ALS patients and the loved ones who are caring or cared for ALS patients in the U.S.

Q: When is the program expected to launch?

A: Our navigation services will be available by May 2020.

This program will be a helping hand in connecting those it serves to the programs and services that best fit their needs and be a partner every step of the way in their ALS journey.

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