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Early Access to Promising Treatments Provides New Hope in Fight

I AM ALS  -  May 28, 2020
Today, two bills were announced in the House and the Senate to create real pathways to provide faster and broader access to therapies for those most in need, including those facing a terminal disease like ALS.
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I’m Dying to Tell You Podcast – Interview with Brian Wallach

Lorri Carey  -  May 14, 2020
Listen to episode 6 of the I'm Dying to Tell You podcast hosted by Lorri Carey as she chats with Brian Wallach about our this community and our collective fight to change how the ALS story ends.
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I’m Dying of a Disease That’s Not COVID. It Needs Urgency, Too.

Daily Beast  -  May 6, 2020
COVID-19 showed us that when both the need is urgent enough and the pressure great enough, there is a different speed at which the biopharmaceutical industry and these agencies can act.
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The First ALS Congressional Action Newsletter

Legislative Affairs Committee  -  April 21, 2020
The first ALS Congressional Action Newsletter was sent to members of Congress and their staff who sit on the House and Senate ALS Caucus. It includes updates and actions we can take to make hope real.
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Seven Ways to Cope with Uncertainty During the COVID-19 Crisis

Sarah Mendoza  -  April 16, 2020
Whether you’re experiencing anxiety about care options, joy at more quality time with loved ones, frustration about parenting and working, worry over losing income and more - everything you’re feeling is normal.
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Our 2020 Congressional Written Testimony

Brian Wallach  -  March 24, 2020
Yesterday, a year after initially testifying before Congress, I submitted written testimony to the House of Representatives on behalf of tens of thousands of ALS patients, loved ones, and advocates. Read it here.
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COVID-19 Recommendations and Resources for the ALS Community

Aditi Narayan Minkoff  -  March 13, 2020
If you or someone you know has ALS and is currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your healthcare provider immediately. Here is pertinent info for the ALS community regarding SARS-CoV2.
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Former Obama Staffer Seeks ALS Cure

CNN  -  February 21, 2020
CNN's Human Factor sat down with Brian Wallach to discuss his ALS story, one of tens of thousands battling ALS and highlight our fight for cures.
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Meeting with your Senator or Representative? – Things to Know Before You Go

Kathleen Rooney  -  February 13, 2020
This week more than 30 patients, caregivers, loved ones, and advocates met during the third annual More Than Our Stories event. Here is what we learned.
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