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I AM ALS Turns 1: A Year In Review and Our Year Ahead

Danielle Carnival  -  January 21, 2020
Tomorrow is one year since I AM ALS launched. When I joined in September, I was inspired by the patient-led movement that this organization has built -- one that is truly led by the community.
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Understanding the Needs of People Affected by ALS

Aditi Narayan Minkoff  -  December 20, 2019
On November 5, 2019, I AM ALS launched a survey designed to understand the challenges experienced by ALS patients, caregivers, loved ones and surviving caregivers as a result of their diagnosis.
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I AM ALS Principles for Access to Promising Therapies

Danielle Carnival  -  December 19, 2019
There is a time when you must stand up and demand change and then work like mad with anyone who is willing to champion your mission to get that change to happen. That time is now in ALS.
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We Are Veterans. We Know How to Fight.

Guillermo "Gill" Garcia  -  November 12, 2019
When I was diagnosed with ALS I turned to my community for support. That community included my family, my friends, and my brothers and sisters who fought alongside me in the United States Armed Forces.
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I AM ALS Co-Founders Share Story of Resilience at Chicago Ideas

Chicago Ideas  -  November 7, 2019
Brian and Sandra were blindsided when diagnosed with ALS. Instead of sinking into despair, they founded I AM ALS with the goal of finding the cure that will save his and so many others lives.
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The TODAY Show Talks About ALS And Our Fight

The TODAY Show  -  October 13, 2019
Yesterday, the TODAY Show’s closer was about our fight to end ALS. It beautifully showed that our fight is filled with resiliency and hope. That our fight is about making the possible real.
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Meet the I AM ALS Thank You Squad by Cathy Collet

Cathy Collet  -  October 23, 2019
Thank you for bringing authenticity, strength, and a belief that we have the power among us to cure ALS. It is only because of this shared belief that we can accomplish so much together every day.
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A Note From Our Board: I AM ALS Becomes a 501(c)(3) Organization

Louise Langheier  -  October 18, 2019
My name is Louise Langheier and I am the Board Chair of I AM ALS. We built the board with patients, those who have been in the ALS fight, and new partners who will bring fresh and diverse perspectives to the work.
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Changing Tides: FDA and I AM ALS Meet to Discuss FDA Guidance

Sandy Morris  -  October 4, 2019
On Monday, September 23, 2019, was that the FDA ALS Guidance document, at last, was finalized! The recommendation document was a compilation of so many ALS advocate voices since 2013.
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