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Community Outreach Committee: Connecting the Dots

Steve Haberstroh  -  May 7, 2019
Our subcommittee of 15 or so patients (pALS) and caregivers (cALS) strive to bring the ALS community together to work as one force and provide valuable resources to patients and their families.
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Community Advisory Council: Leaders in the Fight

Brian, Cathy, and Sandy  -  May 7, 2019
We are patients, caregivers, advocates, and beyond. We talk every week about our hopes and our dreams and how we can augment the amazing work going on in every corner of our fight.
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Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge. How a Real Hero Seeks to Find a Cure

The Glu  -  April 24, 2019
When we saw the two realitiesーthe hopeless and the hopeーwe resolved that we had to be a part of making a cure real as soon as possible, for my husband, my family and all the families out there fighting this disease.
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Brian Talks I AM ALS with the 21st Show

The 21st Show  -  April 1, 2019
When you get diagnosed with a disease like ALS, you don’t stop being the person that you were a day before your diagnoses and I’m reminded of that on a daily basis. - Co-founder Brian Wallach
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Yale Alum Founds ALS Nonprofit Organization

Yale Daily News  -  March 8, 2019
I AM ALS is about empowering patients to create a movement to advance their health and access. We want it long-term to be a model for all orphan diseases that don’t have access to the resources needed to find a cure.
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“We’re In This Together” Brian Wallach Speaks On “I AM ALS”

WGN Radio  -  January 24, 2019
Brian Wallach & Sandra Abrevaya join Mark and Erik to tell their touching story about their experience with ALS and how they are using their platform to benefit others with “I AM ALS.“
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Biglaw Associate with ALS is in Race Against Time

Above the Law  -  January 23, 2019
The word ‘hope’ is tossed around a lot. If hope means that sort of naive belief that things are going to be OK, that’s not what I mean by hope. Hope means that you have the power to help make your future better.
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1 in 6 ALS Patients Served in the Military. We Need a Cure.

Defense One  -  January 23, 2019
What if I told you there was a fatal disease that anyone could get, but that, for some unknown reason, you were twice as likely to develop if you had been a member of the military?
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