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Coronavirus shows how fast science can move — ALS needs same urgency

July 2, 2020  -  Fox News

COVID-19 has been a reminder of our mortality and fragility. Any of us could get infected. For some of us, it will be terminal.

It’s an urgent health crisis, and scientists and government regulators worldwide are responding to that urgency by accelerating the testing and approval processes for potential treatments and vaccines.

We applaud this determined speed, and we hope for speedy success. As we fight our way through the pandemic, imagine for a moment that we could harness this same determination and goodwill to rethink how we fight other diseases.

These few months of COVID-19 have served as a glimpse into the daily burden of patients with rapidly progressing terminal diseases like ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

ALS takes about two to five years to destroy a body and exhaust a family. It is 100 percent fatal. Its victims lose the ability to write, walk, talk, eat, move and breathe.

Read the full op-ed on co-authored by Representative Jeff Fortenberry and Brian Wallach.

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