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Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge. How a Real Hero Seeks to Find a Cure

April 24, 2019  -  The Glu

You and your husband founded I AM ALS out of a real life experience, explain:

The day we got home from the hospital with our second daughter, my husband, Brian, had a doctor’s appointment to look into some odd symptoms: his left hand felt weak and he had some tremors in his left arm. When I called him after the appointment I asked, “Is everything ok?” He said, “No, I’ll talk to you when I get home.”

My husband is the most positive person in the world so I was shaken when I heard him say “no.” When he pulled up, I ran outside and got into the car. He was talking to a friend of ours who is a neurologist. After asking him to hang up so I could hear what was happening, Brian told me the doctor was pretty sure he had ALS.

I thought Ice Bucket. I didn’t know anything. I thought “that can’t be too bad,” to which he responded with , “It’s a terminal illness. The doctor said I might have 6 months.” Inside the house we had our 2 year old and one week old daughters.

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