I AM ALS Turns 1: A Year In Review and Our Year Ahead

"2019 was about creating hope. 2020 is about making that hope real." - Danielle Carnival, I AM ALS CEO

Last week was an incredible week for the ALS community — one where a person living with ALS, Steve Gleason, joined less than 200 other people in history in receiving the Congressional Gold Medal and the fight for ALS patients reverberated all over Capitol Hill — but this disease doesn’t take a break, so neither will we.

Tomorrow is one year since I AM ALS launched.  When I joined in September, I was inspired by the patient-led movement that this organization has built — one that is truly led by the community.

Over the next two weeks, you will see highlights of what we have accomplished together in our first year — in the words of people who fuel every aspect of what we do – people living with ALS, caregivers, surviving caregivers, and loved ones.

You will also see commitments from I AM ALS to all of you as to what we will launch and accomplish in 2020.  How we will stand up for you, deliver needed services, and make sure everyone is doing their part to make a difference for people living with this disease.

What was started by two people 12 months ago, is now about tens of thousands, hopefully hundreds of thousands, who will take action to end this disease.

What we have done in 2019 is create hope.  Hope driven by real action. Hope for meaningful progress against this disease.  Hope for cures.

What we will do in 2020 is make hope real.  To realize the day when we can say ALS, you gone.

Join us.  Get your friends, family, entire community to join us.  Let’s change the world together.

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