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Those Affected by ALS Matter

You matter and so do the memories of those we have lost to ALS.

Too few know about our fight to end ALS. It’s time to change that. We need you to help us give a face to ALS in every Congressional district in this country by entering your information or the information of a loved one you have lost to ALS below to show the impact ALS has on all of our communities.


Below we are asking for the information of those living with ALS, those we have lost to ALS, and those who are or were the primary caregiver of an ALS patient. The address you are providing will not be shared outside of the purpose of populating the map below and individuals will not be able to view the exact location you provide. For those we have lost to ALS please enter the most recent address they have lived at or a landmark nearby.

*Photo not required

Every Community Map


 I am living with ALS   I am or was an ALS caregiver   Someone we've lost to ALS

If you'd like to make any modifications to the information submitted please email [email protected]

Click here to see the ALS organization partners that made this effort possible.

Together our voices have power. This effort is a collaborative one of many ALS organizations, we will all feature this map in our awareness efforts and communication about the need to find cures.

Here’s where we need your help to strengthen this effort:


  1. Click here to use this map to help build Congressional support for two bills, ACT for ALS and Promising Pathway Act, that will help make real treatments and cures.
  2. Send this map to 10 of your friends to increase their awareness of the impact ALS has around the U.S. — this disease reaches more families and communities than most people imagine and we all need to be part of the solution.


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