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Engagement and Advocacy

Each of us has the power to change the world; together, we will.

You are now a part of the ALS community. A community where everyone has a role in the fight for a cure. You have the power to activate those around you, to demand change, and to accelerate the timeline to a cure.  You don’t have to fly to D.C. or go on television to make this happen, but you can.  And as we build this community we'll enable and empower you to lead this movement by building out over the next few months a full engagement center featuring multiple ways to get involved in the fight.

This is how we start: right now, take the first step to bringing a cure closer by thanking our ALS Champions on Capitol Hill and making your voice heard. Go here to find out how.

Watch and share these stories, and start engaging others in your network to bring more advocates into the fight.

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