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Coming Soon

Below are a few items we're working to bring to you.

Patient Navigation

Patient Navigation Programs have been used widely in the fight against cancer. These programs provide individualized assistance and guidance to patients, their families, and caregivers in navigating the wide array of services needed to manage and fight a disease. At I AM ALS, we are building a holistic Patient Navigation program in conjunction with multiple partners. This program, which will feature a call center and online resource database, is organized around the principle that identifying and removing barriers to care while connecting patients to the resources they need faster than ever before will improve our lives now and help steel us for our fight. We wish it were ready now, but are still in the lab building. We expect to launch in the first half of 2020.

Clinical Trial Search Engine

We have heard from numerous patients and caregivers that the current clinical trial search tools are difficult to use. So, in conjunction with Antidote, we are building a more patient-centric search engine tailored to help you identify both trials that are currently enrolling and which will accept you given where you are in your ALS fight.

Ipsos Polling

In the coming months, Ipsos will be conducting additional polls for I AM ALS to help generate real, reliable data to drive forward the fight for a cure. Every time one of these polls goes live we will post it here.

National ALS Event Schedule

In addition, we are curating a national list of ALS events put on by every single ALS group out there. This list will be searchable by date and zip code to help get more people involved in the fight. If you know of an event that you want us to include, simply click here to send us an email.

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