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Host An ALS Awareness Event

If this is your first time learning about ALS, you're not alone. The majority of Americans don't know what ALS is. Changing that starts with you and your community. The good thing is it’s simple, empowering, unifying and even fun:

1. Reach Out

Bring Your Community Together

Invite 10 or more of your closest friends to join you for a few hours to help bring an end to ALS.

2. Choose A Type of Event

Host a Book Club

Pick a book that includes a personal ALS story to send to your friends and host a book club at your house a few weeks later.

Here Are A Few Options
2. Choose A Type of Event

Or, Host a Viewing Party

Pick one of these movies that demystifies ALS to watch with your friends and host a viewing party at your house.

Here Are A Few Options
3. Share It

Let Us Know!

Post a picture (or a dozen) to social media with your #IAMALS crew so that we can keep spreading awareness.

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