Tell the FDA: Schedule an AdComm for NurOwn

On December 14th, 2022, I AM ALS delivered a petition to the FDA with over 30,000 signatures and supported by twenty ALS organizations. Your fierce advocacy did this. You all are awe-inspiring.

This petition requested that the FDA provide BrainStorm and the ALS community with a public hearing, or Advisory Committee, on NurOwn.

It is now a brand-new calendar year. It is now 3 months since we hand delivered the petition to the FDA on a cold winter day. It is now almost spring.

Thousands of people living with ALS hope the FDA does the right thing and allows an independent review of this potential ALS treatment. Time is a luxury that people with ALS simply do not have. As these months have passed, members of the ALS community have died. Too many. Thousands of more people living with ALS have seen their motor skills and functionality decline. Ten of thousands of their loved ones try their best to slow down and lessen the pain of this 100% fatal disease. Time is something that the ALS community does not have.

We are asking the FDA to please act now. Please allow NurOwn a transparent and informative Advisory Committee meeting. Use this form to send a pre-populated tweet and tag the FDA. Your tweet will read:

@US_FDA the #ALS community delivered you a petition to grant #NurOwn a transparent and informative AdComm three months ago. While we wait, people have died from this 100% fatal disease. Provide the flexibility & the speed you promised for ALS. Schedule. The. AdComm.

Once you submit the form, click the tweet button on the right:


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