Stimulus I AM ALS Fundraiser

Why do we support this organization? To cut to the chase – ALS is relentless. So are they.

Many of us have been touched by ALS in one way or another. Personally, my childhood neighbor died from it in the prime of her life. For you, maybe a family member, friend, or patient has or had it.

People often refer to ALS as “rare”, which is not really so. The lifetime risk is around 1:300.  Since Lou Gherig was diagnosed with ALS 80 years ago, few treatments have been FDA approved, and they extend life only about 3 months. That is almost a margin of error when compared to advances in therapies for cancer or HIV.

The course of ALS can be devastating on so many levels- physically, financially, emotionally. I AM ALS faces all of these head on, focusing on helping patients and families navigate the process, funding research, and advocating for legislation that is commensurate with the severity of disease.

For example, it used to be that ALS patients had to wait for 6 months after diagnosis to get Social Security benefits. Needless to say, many died before that 6 month window. I AM ALS successfully fought to erase the 6 month gap and activate immediate benefits.

This is a big nut to crack but every little bit makes a difference. To help crack it, we will match your donations up to $5000.

Let’s beat this.

-Robbie O and Melissa

I AM ALS is a patient-led organization that empowers people to become incredible ALS advocates that are actively changing the ALS landscape. Donate to I AM ALS and help fund this powerful movement.

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