Steven Palmer

In ultra running the first step is the one you believe in and the second and every one thereafter might be profound.  For my friends and other warriors staring down ALS this axiom is also true but it’s impact on their life is everlasting.  My running of the Bighorn 100 is in their honor and a sign of my dedication to raise awareness to help fight for ALS patients around the world and for my friend Dan Tate.  The challenge before me in the Bighorn is hard but I signed up for it and am purposely placing myself in the fire and carrying ALS patients in my heart and mind for the journey.  It is not lost on me that their battle is far greater and I will be mindful of that over the coming days.
I AM ALS is a patient-led organization that empowers people to become incredible ALS advocates that are actively changing the ALS landscape. Join me on my 100 mile journey and donate to I AM ALS and help fund this powerful movement.
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