Rami and Carol

Dear friends and family:

We are soliciting your help to fund research to develop a treatment or cure for ALS.

ALS is a fatal neurodegenerative disease that prevents the brain from talking to patients’ muscles until they can no longer move or breathe. People typically die within 3-5 years of their diagnosis.

Rami’s aunt recently died of ALS at the age of 58. Watching her no longer able to talk, chew her food, dress herself or even hug her loved ones has had a profound emotional impact on us. After sharing her story, we learned that many of our close friends also had loved ones pass away from ALS.
So, we’ve resolved to take action in the face of this indiscriminate disease. The good news is that progress is being made to find a solution, just not quickly enough. This is why we are partnering up with I AM ALS, a patient led organization that has been very thoughtful and deliberate in addressing the challenges associated with this awful disease.
Please consider a donation to fund Community Support programs and initiatives and research to find treatments or cures for ALS.  We will match every dollar you donate up to $10,000.
We’re grateful for your help preventing others from suffering like Rami’s aunt and our friends’ loved ones.

Rami and Carol

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