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One of the harsh realities of ALS is that it is a progressive illness that not only steals away time, but also function and independence. A person living with ALS is caught in a tug-of-war between pride and dignity and their changing capabilities. They are constantly trying to adapt to their physical circumstances while also trying to maintain their sense of self and independence.

In the words of one of our fierce advocates, “These battles are both physically and mentally exhausting. Whenever we feel that we are “catching up” to our disease progression, something else changes and we need to adapt again. Such is the nature of ALS. Yet in the midst of the frustrating pursuit to retain as much of the person we once were as possible, some seem to discover new ways of repurposing their abilities and experiences and coping with their ALS reality.”

The Many Shades of ALS (MSOA) Team here at I AM ALS is inviting you to an open and engaging conversation about how they cope with the ever-changing reality that is ALS. In the next installment of their Let’s Talk About It mental health series, the team will share their personal experiences with losing function and independence and how they face these challenges. 

Join us on August 7th from 6-7:15 PM ET for a compelling conversation on heartbreak, strength, and resilience. We hope to see you there!

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