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Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trials Team works directly with researchers, government agencies and drug sponsors to ensure access, efficiency and humaneness of ALS drug and therapy development and approval, and collect and distribute information regarding clinical trials and the latest research to the ALS community. Read more.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Team engages, educates and empowers ourselves and others for the purpose of creating better care, treatments and cures for ALS. Read more.

Familial ALS

The Familial ALS Team raises awareness of familial ALS and empowers, supports and advocates for potential and actual ALS gene holders and their families. Read more.

Legislative Affairs 

The Legislative Affairs Team engages and creates more advocates in order to secure federal funding and change public policy to accelerate ALS treatments and cures and support those living with ALS and their loved ones. Read more.

Thank You Squad

The Thank You Squad cultivates donor relationships and adds a personalized touch through individual donor outreach. Read more.

Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs team raises awareness for veteran-specific ALS issues and connects veterans with resources to improve their quality of ALS care. Read more.

I AM ALS is a patient-centric movement revolutionizing how to fight disease. This community of patients, caregivers and loved ones is making the impossible possible. We (literally) couldn’t do all the amazing things we do without YOU.

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