Give to ALS Research Through a Fundraising Campaign on Facebook

Launch a fundraising campaign to your Facebook network

Want to raise money for ALS research on Facebook? Perfect! Facebook has made it simple.

First, click here. I AM ALS should already be chosen as the nonprofit you support. You’re on your way!

Second, fill out the details. In the form Facebook provides, put in your fundraising goal and the date you want the fundraiser to end. Then click “Next.”

The next form is “Share your story.” In this section, create a title for your fundraiser and explain that donations to I AM ALS benefit the much-needed Navigation program providing critical resources to those impacted by ALS and is offered at no cost. Use your story in this section to educate people about ALS, how it has impacted you and the importance of research to find cures. Remind people they can be part of the change — that there are currently no cures for ALS.

  • Here is a template: My family has the unwilling task of accepting an ALS diagnosis. It is daunting, and navigating the journey is overwhelming. For this reason, I’m proud to be fundraising for I AM ALS’s first-of-its-kind Navigation program. This all-encompassing, collaborative resource is designed as a single entry point for patients and their loved ones to support them every step of the way. It’s available at Please donate to support I AM ALS and its amazing free resource.

Finally, pick a cover photo. Facebook auto-populates this with I AM ALS’ logo. Feel free to keep this or use a photograph of yourself or your loved one who you’re raising money in honor or memory of.

Once you have selected your photograph, click “Create.”

Bravo, you’re all done!

Thank you for raising money to support those impacted by ALS! We (literally) couldn’t do this without you.

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