Call Your Representative About ALS and ALS Legislation

Hello, advocacy Grand Marshal! Let’s do this!

Find out who your representative is and what their number is.  Then pick up the phone and call your representative about ALS, how it has impacted you and the Promising Pathways and ACT for ALS bills.

Tell them about ALS. Here are a few facts that might help you:

  • Being a veteran doubles your chances of being diagnosed with ALS.
  • 1 in 300 people will be diagnosed with ALS in our lifetimes.
  • ALS has no cure or effective treatments.

You’re an expert on your experience. Share your story so your reps know what their voters care about. Click here for more tips on talking to representatives and senators.

Here is information on:

Developing relationships with your representative is key to helping pass critical ALS legislation. You’re changing history. Thank you!

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