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Our hope is this calendar will help keep you informed of happenings across the ALS community. It includes events hosted by ALS organizations that raise awareness about ALS, raise funding for research and care and empower those impacted by ALS.

The ALS Calendar

Click here to request an event be added.

In order to have your event submission posted on this calendar it must fit the following criteria:

  • The event must be more than 5 days from the date of submission.
  • The event must be a fundraiser, educational event, advocacy event or ALS support group.
  • If the event is a fundraiser, it must benefit a 501(c)(3) organization providing direct support to the ALS community.
  • If your event is educational, it can include subject matter that relates to ALS or another neurodegenerative disease.

Our team will be in contact with you within 3 business days with an update once submitted.

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